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Café NocturnA

We are expecting you.

New name, new location, same people.

Raise your horns and welcome to Café Nocturna, where the spirit of ‘De Witte Non’ lives on in a new, louder location! Good Beer, Great Times, Amazing People – the essence of metal, rock, and camaraderie thrives here.

Formerly known as ‘De Witte Non,’ Café Nocturna has relocated but retains the same headbanging vibe that made it the go-to spot for those who crave the perfect blend of potent drinks, heavy tunes, and awesome company.

At Café Nocturna, we continue to be the haven for metal enthusiasts, rock aficionados, and all-around party seekers. Join us every month for epic events that shake the foundations or simply drop by to share a brew, mead, or killer cocktail with your fellow metalheads and alternative peeps.

The stage may have changed, but the soul of ‘De Witte Non’ lives on at Café Nocturna. Horns up, drinks high – let the metal madness continue!

New location, café De Witte Non turns into Café Nocturna


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Logo Café Nocturna, previously De Witte Non

Opening hours

Monday – Thursday:
16:00 – 01:00
16:00 – 04:00
17:00 – 04:00
Sunday: CLOSED



Kempische Steenweg 23,
3500 Hasselt

This is a new address!